Watch: Klay Thompson’s hat flies off his head and into SF Bay on his boat commute to Warriors parade

Klay Thompson is now well-known for his preference for boating in from the North Bay to the Warriors’ downtown San Francisco facility.

And while his commute sure beats Bay Area traffic, it does come with some different challenges and risks. And on his way to the Warriors’ parade on Monday, one of those risks hit directly.

While broadcasting Instagram live to show off the city from the San Francisco Bay, the wind took Thompson’s “2022 NBA Champions” hat right off his head and into the water.

Thompson turned his boat around and spent several minutes drifting near where he thought the hat was, trying to retrieve it. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and departed without it.

Of course, Thompson can surely get a replacement hat from the team once he gets in to San Francisco. But the environmentally conscious star said he was trying to not litter.

But with one hat lost, Thompson did have a second one handy: the Giants’ Brandon Belt-inspired Captain’s Hat, given away on the first weekend of games this season.

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