Why you should have an introvert as a friend!

Experts suggest that if you want to be successful in life, you should stand out from the crowd. From quiet wallflowers to high school it-girl, that’s the goal of everyone, at least that’s what the film industry believes.

It is the quiet people among us who have a lot more to offer than you might think. Behind the facade of the loud prodigal knights, there is a gaping emptiness making feeble attempts to distract people. And that is exactly why it is worth taking a second look at the introverted people around us. Because:

1. Introverts are honest and loyal

Each of us should have at least one introvert as a friend. Because when the going gets tough, we can be sure that we have a reliable and honest companion at our side. In the beginning, you usually have to defrost them first, but if the ice is broken, nothing stands in the way of a long friendship!

2. They know how to keep a secret

You don’t have to worry about them: your secrets are well kept with introverts.

3. Busy bees

Introverts are not easily distracted; they work very conscientiously and independently. And even if they prefer to work alone rather than in a team, they are a reliable constant that you can rely on in any situation.

4. They are not gossipers

Introverts are far too honest to be rude about you behind your back. Gossip is simply not their thing!

5. Understatement in its purest form

Usually, introverts don’t voice their opinions. Most of them are rather silent observers. But when they say something, it is well thought out. Instead of the long talk, they quickly get to the point. Otherwise, they prefer to keep their mouths shut than to make senseless speeches.

6. You will not miss anything

Observing is their supreme discipline. Instead of being the center of attention, they prefer to look at each other from a distance. So, if you want to learn something about others, ask your introverted friend! Incidentally, this also applies to you: So, if you want to hide something from them, it will be quite difficult.

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