Shea Butter

Shea butter: 15 uses for beauty and body care

Shea butter is made from the nuts of the African plant, Vitellaria paradoxa. When it comes to creams and organic products, it is a fundamental ingredient. Its properties are manifold; it is moisturizing, emollient, nourishing and calming. Simply a cure-all for skin and hair.

Here’s how to make the most of it

Face mask:

Take a spoonful, soften it in your hands and apply it in a thick layer on your clean face. Leave on for fifteen minutes and then remove with a soft, damp cloth. The perfect way to have super hydrated skin.

Nail and cuticle treatment:

If you have particularly dry and splitting cuticles or weak nails that tend to flake off, this butter is the answer. Take a spoonful, melt it in the oven or over low heat. Add lemon juice & mix well.  Dip your fingers for five minutes in the lukewarm mixture.

Chapped nose:

Whether for the scorching sun in the mountains or a bad cold, to relieve the nose just spread a little shea butter on the cracked and reddened area, for an immediate effect;

Hair mask:

If you have dry and damaged hair, this mask will make your hair happy. On dry hair, apply shea butter along the entire length, or only on the damaged parts. Leave on for an hour and then wash them with your favorite shampoo

Shea butter for really damaged hair:

Sometimes a simple mask like the one above is not enough. If you think you have to resort to heavy weaponry, well, think again. Just apply the shea butter as described above and then wrap your hair in a warm towel. Go to sleep and wash your hair, as usual, the following morning;

To promote digestion:

In case of cramps, bad digestion, or generic “stomach ache”, shea butter can still help you: dissolve a spoon and apply it on the abdomen with slow circular massages;

Fatigue relief:

Whether you play sports or sit on a desk all day, your back suffers a lot. Ask a loved one to warm some shea butter in their hands and use it to massage your back. It is certainly very relaxing.

To make a perfume last longer:

Applied on the skin after the bath, the shea butter retains the perfume that will otherwise vaporize, making the aroma last longer.


Whether you like the beach, sunbaths, or are just a fan of tanning beds, shea butter, so rich and nutritious, is ideal for use as an after-sun. Exposure to sun rays dehydrates the skin and increases the risk of cell aging. Restoring hydration, tone, and nourishment is the best thing to do, and shea butter does just that.

Lip balm:

Use a drop of it as a lip balm for chapped lips and as a windshield. Don’t worry, pure shea butter is also used as a condiment in Africa, so you can put it on your lips without any issue.

Improved circulation:

Soften a spoonful of shea butter and then use it to massage the legs, starting from the ankles and going up to the thighs. The massage stimulates circulation, shea butter gives you soft skin. Everyone wins!

Foot treatment:

The season of sandals is coming, or maybe you like to do martial arts, or simply suffer from dry feet. In any case, apply a little shea butter on the affected areas just before going to sleep. Put on a pair of socks and wake up with velvet feet.

Scrub for heels and elbows:

You know, by definition they are the driest areas of the body. Add a teaspoon of sugar to a spoonful of softened shea butter and use it as a scrub on the areas that need scrubbing.

For skin imperfections:

Apparently, it has a slight anti-aging effect, it certainly helps skin regeneration. That is why it is also used on pimples, scars, or the eye area (be careful here, be very light, both in quantity and in movements, it may be too rich for the area!)

Shea butter for babies:

As you have seen from all these uses, it is incredibly versatile, generous with the skin and suitable for everyone. Especially to the delicate skin of children. Perfect for treating any redness or rash.

A single trick: Shea butter takes time. Time to soften it, time to apply it and time to make it absorb. If you are in a hurry it is not always the best solution. But if you live in a hurry, it could be an excellent remedy to learn to slow down and take care of yourself!!

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