Kitchen Herbs

Health benefits from kitchen herbs and house plants

From cooking food in the kitchen to gardening, plants and herbs are not only used for culinary or planting purposes but also provides many other health benefits. Some of the important herbs and plants are:


It is known for centuries for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is used for treating joint arthritis. It is also used as an adjunctive treatment for heart, liver, and lung diseases. Also used in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions due to its skin purifying properties.


Used in treating common cold and flu and for upper respiratory tract conditions like chronic cough, bronchitis, and asthma. Basil is also helpful in removing kidney stones and ailing heart problems.

Ginkgo Bilbo:

The leaves of the ginkgo tree contain antioxidants that help in keeping the brain alert by promoting blood flow to the brain. It is used to treat conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Ginger is good for the stomach as it aids in soothing digestive problems, relieving nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness. It helps in warming up the body in colds.


Rosemary can slow the progressions of Alzheimer’s disease; it strengthens memory and improves blood circulation to the brain. Rosemary oil is a powerful antibacterial that helps in fighting bacteria and fungi in your body.


Garlic has strong antimicrobial properties that make it good in treating cold and flu, it can also be used as a soothing remedy for stress. It is also used for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.


lavender is a great antiseptic when applied to cuts and bruises. It also reliefs pain and is a powerful anti-stress plant.

Valerian root:

Valerian root has been used to treat sleeplessness and to reduce anxiety but there is no well-designed study to confirm this claim. It is also used to treat digestive issues and is a powerful analgesic.


Rich in vitamin c, it aids in relieving symptoms of cough and cold. It is also good food for diabetic patients as it lowers blood sugar levels. Apart from this, it is a rich source of fiber that makes it a good laxative and cures hyperacidity.

Herbs and plant extract provide added benefits to improve health, although they cannot be used as a sole medication.

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