28 days Workout

Can you accept this 28-day Workout Challenge?

Workout (Physical Activity) is as necessary as we eat food in our daily routine. We all wanted to start working out but stuck with some other tasks and couldn’t find time for the activities.

We need a lot of courage to transform our body, our look, and our health by starting a new workout challenge. Spending most of our time on the couch, leaving our comfort zone, and starting new routine is difficult.

Sometimes we check online videos but can hardly follow the exercise. Mostly we cannot make proper schedules due to the lengthy duration of the workout. And sometimes we are not motivated enough to do the activity.

That’s why I’m here with some basic workout challenges for beginners which are less than 15 minutes. But the main thing is, you have to stick with it for better results and making your life healthier.

Following are the benefits of a 28-day workout challenge:

  • These exercises are for beginners
  • You don’t need any equipment
  • Only 4 exercises per session which are easy to remember
  • 5 days a week workout
  • To make a healthier habit, 28 days are ideal

Home workout challenge:

Your only target is to stick to the workout plan whatever the situation is.
Below is the list of exercises that you’ve to do weekly.

All you have to do is to download the workout plan or bookmark this page for easy access. Start working out whenever it suits you:

You can choose whatever time you like, do all 4 workouts every week. I’ve mentioned 3 sets each but you can do more but not less. You can rest 30 seconds between exercise and 1 minute after each set.

The basic purpose of this plan is to create a healthy routine and to start working out on a daily basis.

Most important thing is, as you start this plan, change your eating habits. This will make all the difference in supporting each workout. Smoking and eating junk food is needed to be reduced or quit.

After completing this challenge, you will be prepared for the intermediate and advance levels plan, such as a 6-week or 8-week. Starting with the basic and then increase the intensity as per your stamina.

That’s it! Wishing you the very best of luck for staring your healthy routine. 1st step is always difficult but after starting you will be quite comfortable and will enjoy more.

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