4 reasons why coriander is good for your health

Coriander is one of the most popular herbs. In terms of taste, it divides the spirits: some love it, others are rather skeptical of its intense aroma. We give you four good reasons why coriander is healthy.

It is healthy and especially popular in Indian, Arabic and southern European cuisine. It has a strong, distinctive taste, which is why some tend to avoid the herb. However, over time, some people can overcome their initial aversion to coriander.

It sometimes looks confusingly similar to flat-leaf parsley. In addition to the leaves, its seeds are also used – both can deliver more than just delicious flavors. Let us tell you what makes coriander healthy and how you can best integrate it into your diet.

1. Rich in nutrients

It gives dishes an intense, slightly spicy taste, but not only does it add flavor, but it also has numerous health benefits. The coriander leaves are relatively rich in vitamins E and K, as well as provitamin A. Coriander seeds and coriander spice, contain minerals such as manganese and magnesium.

To absorb significant amounts of these nutrients, larger portions are necessary – more than just a coriander leaf as a salad topping. Herb spreads, sauces, pesto or smoothies, for example, offer a way of integrating coriander into a healthy diet.

Fresh coriander leaves are often used as a flavoring for food, so as dried coriander seeds, as they are particularly rich in essential oils. That is why in naturopathy they are said to have soothing abilities for abdominal pain and flatulence.

Coriander fresh leaves, in particular, are healthy because they contain valuable antioxidants that can protect our cells and our health. Coriander is used in natural medicine as a natural agent with an antibacterial effect.

2. Contains valuable antioxidants

Our health benefits from antioxidants in our food: they act as radical scavengers and can protect our cells from oxidative stress. Fruit and vegetables, in particular, contain plenty of antioxidants – these also make it healthy.

Numerous studies show that with increasing intake of vegetables and fruit, the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, obesity, and certain cancers decreases. It seems that this effect is mainly due to the variety of biologically active substances such as the antioxidants.

Fresh coriander leaves tend to have more antioxidant potential than their seeds, especially when the seeds have been heating treated.

3. May contribute to heart health

Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death worldwide, killing millions of people every year. The most common causes are due to heart attacks and strokes. In addition to risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and obesity, nutrition plays a major role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Is coriander healthy for our cardiovascular system?

Studies have been conducted for the effect of garlic and coriander powder supplementation on BMI, blood lipid levels and blood pressure in people with cardiovascular disease. An improvement in blood lipid levels has also been reported.

In addition to this, it appears that the overall nutritional behavior is much more decisive for the state of health or the risk factors than individual foods. It is healthy because its valuable ingredients, in addition to a varied, nutrient-rich diet, can help to positively influence heart health.

4. Can contribute to a healthy blood sugar level

Initial research suggests that coriander ingredients are healthy because they have a positive impact on blood sugar levels and may lower the risk of diabetes. The positive, anti-diabetic effect of the examined coriander extract is mainly attributed to the content of antioxidants.

Ending Notes

It is fresh, exotic and especially popular in Asia, while Europeans are sometimes skeptical about the taste. In general, herbs like coriander are healthy because they are rich in valuable ingredients. It is considered healthy in naturopathy and is known for its antibiotic effect, although it is often used for mild stomach problems. It can also be healthy for our heart and normal blood sugar levels. Coriander lovers can enhance their food optically and taste healthily – it brings a lot of aromas, few calories, and good nutritional values.

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