The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

2020 has started and so are the horror screenplays!

Well, it’s not a disappointing start for the horror movie fans. As in just about two months, Hollywood came up with dozen of horror movies. Among those, the sequel of grudge “The Grudge” is there.

Well, this one’s not for ‘The Grudge’, but today’s all about this freakish mindboggling ‘Horror Sci-Fi’ movie ‘The Invisible Man’.

This screenplay is an adaption of a classic novel with the same title, written by H.G.Wells. The direction has been executed by the famous “Leigh Whannell”.


The movie revolves around a woman ‘Cecilia’ acting executed by the legendary ‘Elizabeth Moss’, who happens to be starring in the famous “The Handmaid’s Tale’. When Cecelia finally breaks away from his monstrous and torturous Ex, her life gets upside down making her realize her freedom is short-lived. Cecelia is adamant that her Ex being dead is stalking her by being invisible.

To be honest, when I first watched the trailer, it just made me hooked & felt that this one can’t be waited on. The trailer shocks u awes you because of the complexity and paranoia with which it encapsulates the audience. As soon as the trailer ends, there’s this one thing in your mind, yeah this movie will be worth the costs of cinema tickets.

The movie onsets with very deepening and horrifying effects of floor tiles and an isolated big mansion edged on the vastness of an ocean or a big sea. The background terrifying beat combined with greyish black effects of the night gives the viewers a perfect insight with what this movie is about to give you. With no time to waste, after drugging her abusive Ex, Cecelia tries to break away. Seemingly successful, this is not what it looks like for Cecelia. As, there is never-ending turmoil ahead, which she’s unaware of.


The movie has quite a resemblance to “The hollow man”. “The Invisible Manand “The Hollow man” both fall into horror genre sci-fi. The earlier, being the result of a science experiment and the later comes with much more realistic and practical theory. In “The Invisible Man”, the invisibility comes with the suit having thousands of micro cameras, mirroring the outer world.

Overall, the movie keeps you hooked till the end, doesn’t let the audience break its interest. However, after the interval, there were scenes that somehow made it all a bit funny, especially when Cecelia damaged the suit of her Ex. The resulted damage halted the suit’s entire invisibility. But somehow, all the policemen couldn’t target the “The Invisible man” making his escape quite an easy thing. While, escaping, the whole police administration was shown surprised when a girl was chasing after that suit guy. It all made it so far away from reality and flawed the movie slightly. I mean you alert the authorities, even when a convict tries to break away. I mean how come the shot and murdered policemen couldn’t alert the authorities, couldn’t ask for a backup being inside cop station.

The ending was quite perplexed, just when we thought her Ex died, we come to know that it was her Ex’s brother behind underneath this suit. Not to forget, Ex who was claimed dead was found inside the mansion’s basement tied to ropes and the way with which  Cecelia finally avenges her Ex, because of an extra invisible suit that she kept hidden inside  mansion, satisfied us with‘ karma is a bitch’ thing, but hang on we didn’t know anywhere or seen any of the abuse that his Ex was told about. Are we sure, Ex was abusive?


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