What to do in quarantine!

Social distancing, no meetings, isolation, quarantine, boredom, sick routine… well well well… COVID19 is hitting us all the way long… but say no more!!!

Let us help you count things you can do in this isolation.

Spend time with your family

A little weird? Well yes, take advantage of this social distancing and spend quality time with your family. Have time to know each other in the best possible way… we all know what this so-called “social life” has done to us as a person. So, go and have a quality time with your family.

Read books

So, you might have a thought who reads a book in this era. I agree but why not. Reading books has a strong impact on one’s personality so why not spend this time polishing our personality?

Books suggestion includes “when breath becomes air”, “thousand splendid suns”, “fault in our stars” and whatnot.

Start cooking

Who on earth does not like to eat? But the situation is not letting you go to and eat? Sad. but every human on earth has the flexibility to learn things. So, try your luck in cooking. Prepare healthy, tasty meals for yourself. I bet, the satisfaction level (even the food is n to so good) is immeasurable.

Guide to cooking? Voila! YouTube it is.

Drawing sketching

Yes, you read it right. Drawing is the best time killer in a boring situation, whether it is tedious classes, or parents scolding session, just draw your heart out. Paint a canvas, sketch your favorite celebrity, draw a scenery, pencil a mandala.


This might sound a little odd, renovation in lockdown? But this renovation does not mean to change a sofa set or get rid of old curtains. This means to renovate your house with the same old things and fresh techniques. Let’s say, change the setting of the living room. Change the pictures in frames, decorate the bedroom wall, rearrange your cupboard, grow new plants.

TV series

This is the right time to watch a long series I say. The day to day life won’t let you watch a series in one go, so grab your popcorn and simply Netflix it.

Learn different languages.

Well, not the whole language but the basics of different languages will not be a waste of time. Try learning them from online tutors or videos.


A little or detailed self-care will not hurt anyone. Take care of yourself, feed yourself good, have that 10 minutes skin routine, try yoga, have mental peace, do some exercise, keep your body toned.

The above-mentioned techs will make your life a bit more tolerable in this isolation period. Happy quarantine all!

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