Simple Steps to stand against Domestic violence

Simple Steps to stand against Domestic violence

It is an old phenomenon happening across ages. Communities and cultures where someone very closer to you torture you emotionally, psychologically or physically. Thus, make you believe weak, powerless and unsafe. Domestic violence as defined has nothing to do with education, wealth, lifestyle or physical health of the abuser. Any highly qualified wealthy person can be mentally and morally ill to find satisfaction in torturing his or her counterpart. So, better to understand the severity of the act irrespective of the person’s living standards.

Though various laws & social platforms define it differently according to their frame of references. But torture, in any case, is part of the activity. Thus, laws in any region of the world always strongly condemn this brutal activity and support the victim. The victim just has to speak and call for support and rest the society is there to help. Irrespective of the complications involved in sorting out the applicable rules and regulation. To rule out the issues even speaking up for yourself is not that easy as it sounds. Both the male and the female member (because anyone can face domestic violence) are well-knitted in social and family norms. That raising your voice becomes the only speed limiting step to be free of the lethal relationship. Which is compromising the wellbeing of yourself and the people around you.

 Education and self-realization

First comes the realization part when a recipient has to accept that he has undergone a kind of violence. The recipient only after true awareness of his rights will be able to draw a line. And recognition of the crossing this fine line between healthy relation and an abusive one is integral. Analysing the situation according to the personal knowledge and realization eliminates half of the pain. Understanding the domestic violence issue is very complicated. Because sometimes the victim is confusing extra sensitivity of his personality to the normal behaviour of the opponent. In this situation merely, overthinking and overreacting needs to be blamed not the violence. So, only the victim knows thrush hold of patience. When he thinks he can not take it any more and has to walk out of the relation.

Speak about it

The second step towards getting rid of domestic violence is to speak your heart out. Friends, family, colleagues or multiple counselling groups around & on social media are among the options a recipient can opt for. Even the healthcare systems also have reporting forms for domestic violence. Which a victim can fill while on a visit to the medical centre without anyone knowing it. Among such audiences can be a potential recipient who can even relate to your pain & accompany you in this path. During this journey, one should identify one’s support system that could be anyone from family, friends. Or any community member who would stand beside to support in times of need.

Legal support

Now comes the time when the recipient is fully prepared to take action. After verbal stand when nothing changes, access to any law enforcement agency with all proves for legal assistance comes. Just report them and let them follow their standard operating procedure to proceed the matter. Before handing over the matter to them, the victim should always explain his concerns in details. Reservations like in future any doubt of physical harm, & custody of property or kids or any other condition like this. So that, nothing may bother him in coming days.


After such trauma life needs a break to understand what & where something went wrong which led to this horrific end. Attending family & relationship coaching classes or meeting people who are the successful survivor of such violence can be a support. In this regard, attending any of the courses & workshops conducted in community centres around can be a great help. Positive thinking & determination to live a happy life with all flavours of relations is the key to a speedy recovery.

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