Work from home

How to work from home and actually get things done?

Create a comfortable workspace

Find a suitable place as your workspace at home and claim it! And no it does not mean your bed. Definitely not the sofa in front of the television. Establishing a routine and preparing in advance for the workplace is important. As much as possible, if space resembles an office, it will be easier to adapt to work.

Establish a work schedule

This precept is important since it allows everyone to know when someone will be connected, it will increase productivity and give an image of professionalism.

Dress as if you were going to work

It is vital to differentiate between personal life at home and time spent working. And dressing as if you really are going to the office or workplace will be of great importance.

Take breaks regularly

In addition to this, it is also important to take advantage of the free time saved in going to the workplace to carry out an activity that provides positive feedback.

Maintain contact with colleagues

This aspect is important and, perhaps, one of the easiest to fulfill. Contact must be established through tools provided by the company.

Do not lose motivation

Over time you are likely to lose perspective and even motivation. To prevent this from happening, it will be vital to use a visual system to remember, at all times, what is done and why it is done.

Avoid distractions

Vital. Specify the time to read emails, take phone calls…

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